PBE Roundup: Patch 4.11

Hello everyone! Hyjacked back once again for another PBE round-up. This is a really exciting PBE cycle, as we’ve seen some buffs to tanky-support junglers, including a new mid-tier jungle item and the long-awaited Summoner’s ...
PBE Roundup Patch 4.10

PBE Roundup: Patch 4.10

Hello readers! Hyjacked back once again for another PBE Roundup. The last few patches haven’t seen many changes, which is why you haven’t heard from me. Patch 4.10, however, has Riot getting back into the ...

PBE Roundup: Patch 4.6

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another PBE roundup! This patch isn’t looking too huge, at least not from what we can tell on the PBE, but there’s some very cool aesthetic stuff on its ...

PBE Roundup: Patch 4.5

Hello everyone! It’s Hyjacked back once again for another PBE roundup, this time for patch 4.5. There’s some cool stuff coming this time around, including reworks for Miss Fortune, Rengar and Gragas and some updates ...
PBE Round up Mid March

PBE Roundup: Mid-March 2014

Hello everyone! It’s Hyjacked with another PBE roundup, this time taking a look at some of the changes on PBE in the few weeks after patch 4.3 hit live servers. There’s some interesting stuff in ...