“If I had to pick [an archnemesis] I’d say it would have to be WildTurtle” – Interview with ADC Streamer “hi im gosu”

Introduce yourself for the few people who don’t know you!

Hi, I’m “hi im gosu”, I’m a Diamond 1 ADC player on the NA server who’s been playing League of Legends for around 3 years now and I have been playing with some of the best players in the NA Solo Queue Ladder for a while. You can also call me Mush 😀

Name some of your favorite champions. Are you currently on an amateur team?

My favorite champions are Vayne, Katarina and Akali. I really like playing stealthy, quick assassin type champions. I’m not currently on a team but I am subbing for two amateur teams known as New World Eclipse and ZebopSquad.

In general, how do you feel about the position of AD Carry this season?

I think that the game is in a really balanced state at the moment, apart from a few broken heroes (e.g Yi).  AD Carries especially are balanced more than ever. Back in Season 2, AD’s were insanely overpowered and there was little a bruiser could do to even get to an AD Carry before they got kited to death before the bruiser/Warmogs era.  Now, almost every single AD has been nerfed to where they don’t just three shot full tanks. They still output a lot of damage late game but they don’t completely faceroll as they used to anymore, and there are tons of items to shut down an AD.

Do you think the buffs to melee carries such as the new Yi is a “threat” to the existance of the traditional AD carry “Marksmen archetype?”

I think that the new melee carries such as Yi and Zed absolutely demolish AD Carries and you’re very dependent on your team to get the peel needed to survive them, for example there’s not much you can do as Ezreal, Ashe or Graves if there’s a 6 item Yi running straight at you. Most of the threat for an AD Carry versus a melee hypercarry stems from their gap closer abilities such as Alpha Strike and Zed’s Deathmark. Before you even realize it most of your health is gone or you just got two shot by that 13-0 Yi.

Are you a believer in godlift as the best ADC in the world or is there competition from him in NA or abroad? Is it you and we just don’t know it yet?

I absolutely think that Doublelift is the best ADC in NA, but the title for best ADC in the world is still out there in my honest opinion. I think that Doublelift is around the same level as Imp from MVP Ozone. I don’t think any of the AD Carries in NA are near liftlifts level mechanically. There’s no telling who is the best ADC in the world yet, it might even be me :D! Jk I’m horrible at this game.

If you were able to join a top professional League circuit (LCS), would you drop out of school to play League of Legends? How long would you stay in eSports ? 1 year? 5 years? As long as you can?

Yes, I would definitely drop school to join LCS. I can always go back to school, but the League scene is still young and there’s no telling how far it can go ahead in the future. [I would stay] as long as I can, probably, there’s a bright future for eSports!

Do you have any generic solo Q tips ?

I get a lot of questions about SoloQ, Elo hell etc. I just  have to say that there are four things that define how good you are at the game:

(1) Game Knowledge (2) Decision Making (3) Mechanics and (4) Map Awareness. They all come from experience and practice and there is no one single way to get out of “elo hell”. So just keep at it, don’t play to win but play to get better and work on improving these 4. Every game is an experience and you can only get better.

Predictions on Worlds? Who do you think is the favorite to win it all ?

If one team had to win it it would probably be MVP Ozone.

What do you like to see as an AD “Marksman” main from your support in lane?

Personally I have a very aggressive playstyle and I am always looking for opportunities to trade with the enemy AD no matter what AD I am playing. So a support that synergizes well in that “aggressive” aspect makes me a happy AD. For example, I want my ranged support to auto the enemy AD every time they go for a minion kill and slowly poke them down until we can eventually all in.

Do you think playing AD “Marksmen” makes you a better support player due to lane matchup knowledge or is it independent due to the differences in the role?

Definitely very independent, all roles must be learnt individually. I’m a terrible support because I don’t play support at all.

Who would you say is your archnemesis in Solo Q? Is it a particular player or a champion?

I don’t really have an archnemesis but if I had to pick one. I’d say it would have to be WildTurtle. We’re always looking for an opportunity to 1v1 each other in solo q games for fun 😀

Lets talk itemization for a second. Are the nerfs to Blade of the Ruined King a big game changer (slow reduced to 3 seconds, cooldown increasing to 90 seconds next patch) and the changes to Spirit Visage/Banshee’s Veil big enough to warrant changes to the standard AD build?

No I still think BotRK is an extremely strong late game item for every AD Carry, and still an amazing first item for Vayne. A 1 second slow change isn’t that big of a deal for such a great item to kite or surprise bruisers/assassins with, especially when you add in Barrier.

If you were to play for a team, do you feel confident enough in other roles to play besides your ADC?

Probably not because I have been practicing AD since Vayne was released, but I can play a few champions such as Lee Sin and Zed at the same level as my AD Carry level.

Do you think that Riot is too reactive to “problems” in the meta and overzealous with nerfs?

They used to be in my own opinion. They used to completely destroy a champion/item because there was too much of it, but now they have changed their way to slowly nerfing and seeing how it works out, which I agree is 100% the right way to approach it now.

Do you think there is enough variety in items and champions to promote organic counterplay?

Yes, there is a lot of counterplay/counterpicking in LoL at the moment and it fits in to the game.

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