All-Star Paris Diary: Day 2


I’m not particularly a morning person at the best of times, but there’s definitely some added insult to injury when you get woken up by a Frenchman pretending that he has crumpets. Especially when he doesn’t even know what crumpets are.

They wake me up at around 10 am – things are definitely a little cozy; we have six of us crammed into a tiny apartment; myself, Basile, Shakarez and three Millenium employees. I sleep on the floor wrapped in a duvet, letting the others take the beds, as I trained myself to fall asleep in the strangest places.

I spend most of the morning going through my photos and writing up my articles for Cloth5. The evil airline company fails to deliver my luggage, so I resort to wearing the T-shirt I was gifted at All-Stars yesterday. At least it fits!

We leave our apartment at about 12 am; thankfully today I can actually leave my giant bag behind and travel light – such a relief! En route to the Metro, we stop off at a French bakery to buy lunch in advance. One of the Millenium guys, Vince, has to help me read all the labels, as my French fails me once again.

Up to the Arena

The Arena

As we leave the Metro to get to the arena, we bump into Locodoco! Basile asks for a photo, and Shakarez and I are quick to ask for the same. We all laugh at the look on his face for the pose Basile asks for – can you guess?


We continue on towards the arena – getting in is so much faster now that I don’t get held up at security for ten minutes! I get handed a 2nd red T-Shirt at the door, and I run around to find someone with a blue T-Shirt to trade it with. I’m shown to my seat shortly after. I’m sat further back this time in Category 3, but still away from Shakarez and Basile, so I move to sit next to them.

Seating isn’t especially enforced once you’ve been placed, so it’s pretty easy to move around if there are vacant seats. Today is SO MUCH WARMER than yesterday. I’m in jeans, and after the first hour or so, I’m melting in my seat. I make frequent trips outside to simply cool off. I did plan ahead and pack a skirt for such an occasion, but with my luggage still hiding in some airport somewhere, I’ll have to make do.

I’m pretty content being a walking advertisement for Riot anyway the shirts are comfy to wear, even if a little large.

The Games

The Hexakill game today was good fun – but not as great as the URF mode game the day before. In fact, the whole room seemed less excitable today than yesterday, but that changed when Fnatic came out on to the stage.


There was no doubting who was fan favourite just from the amount of stamping and screaming whenever they put in an appearance on stage. They’re the only team that fans will crowd up at the front of the stage for.

My favorite game was FNC vs SKT1. Fnatic played much better than I thought they would and were in with a chance of winning until the fight at Baron.

The atmosphere was intense and you can’t help but get involved in the shouting match as soon as the game gets started. In one of my breaks to get away from the heat upstairs, I ran into Shakarez in the bar area. He has a friend with him who he introduces me to; she’s also Portuguese and is really nice. We end up chatting for a while, and I leave her with my summoner name so she can add me.

More Celebs

On another walk around by the press area I bump into an acquaintance – Charlie, C9’s analyst who used to work for Cloth5. He’s pretty busy, and with games against TPA and OMG I can understand why, so we don’t chat much, but it was nice to finally run into him in person.

For most of the 4th game, Shakarez and I go outside to the bar area again. We’re pretty certain we know what the outcome of the game will be, so we don’t mind too much. We bump into his Portuguese friend from earlier, and this time she introduces us to one of her friends – a Rioter who is working on the IT infrastructure at the event.

He’s really friendly and we end up chatting together for most of the duration of the 4th game. We eventually take our leave to catch the end of the FNC vs. TPA match.

By the end of the day we’re a little slow leaving as I take some time to gather my belongings. We also manage to gain another member of our group as the new Portuguese friend is coming to eat with us. One thing I’ve really enjoyed from All-Stars is meeting and chatting with others who share the same passion for something I do.

Le Zenith

Heading Off

As we exit the arena, there’s a large crowd gathered over to the left – it’s unusual as most people should have left by now. I approach to investigate and it turns out C9 have turned up and are standing outside taking photos. I turn to walk away, as I don’t like fighting my way through large crowds, and I figure I don’t stand much of a chance, but I’m pushed towards the team and encouraged to try and get a photo.

Some how I find myself at the front of the group and take a quick picture. LemonNation is standing off to the side, and I grab him to get his signature. I’m a support main and his Morgana plays this weekend have really impressed me.

Whilst this has been going on, our group of nine has somehow grown to 27 people – most are bloggers for Millenium. We all head off together to go grab dinner at a Japanese restaurant before getting home at around midnight eagerly ready for day 3.

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